Monday, October 26, 2015

The Problem We All Live With (extended)

In this blog I used Josh’s blog as the center of mine. Josh made some great points on his blog that I totally agree with him on, but I want to start by connecting these two episodes to Delpit’s work and how she talks about how we are aware of methods to improve learning and teaching in America but we just ignore them. And that’s what happening with integration being a successful methods  “but we decided it wasn’t worth the trouble” stated in the broadcast. This trouble they are talking about it’s the issue Josh focus on his blog, which is the racist judgments and opinions from the white and wealthy parents.

“This is not a race issue. This is a commitment to education issue”. To say that this isn’t a race issue is a complete lie, especially when a woman before her said in a “very kind” manner that she didn’t want people of a different race coming to their side of the bridge.

The one way all this accusations brought up by parents are proven to be fabricated by beliefs it’s shown in the second video. This one student talks about how at first she was scared of having black and Hispanic kids in her school and that now that’s sounds stupid to her. She also talks about how ashamed and embarrassed she is for even having such mindset. Like Josh said the issue wasn’t about education because statistics showed that the students who chose to traveled every morning for their education ended up averaging same test scores as the kid who were originally from there. This also proves that integration really works we just have to put in practice.

"But if you're always in the same environment, always doing the same things with the same people, you become naive. Or like, you don't really know about the world. It's better if you experience something different, because you get a feel of other people. And you end up changing, you end up becoming a different person, a lot based on the community you're surrounded by. And that's reality. Your environment really makes you."

Josh explains how integration ‘gives a chance for students who may not know the culture of power to learn it from students who do’. And not only that!! At one point in the second video they talk about how students come home and with excitement tell their parents stories and new things about the diversity in their school. Integration is not only the key to improve school and test scores but also the tool to make schools in America “safe places” like August would say. Because kids would grow up accepting the differences that exist among them.


  1. I really liked your connection to Delpit and i thought it was a great extension to Josh's blog... good job!

  2. I love the connections you made and the quotes that you used.