Sunday, November 29, 2015

Citizenship in School by Kliewer (reflection)

The “citizenship in school” that Kliewer is referring is the integration in school between the non-disable students and Down syndrome students. Kliewer argues that by having special classes for these kids we are harming them mental and emotionally instead of helping them. I don’t know much about Down syndrome disability but if they can participate and learn like any other student why segregate them. All this would do is hurt them by putting down their self-esteem, making them feel distanced from everyone else and unable to participate with the other students, which they can. The “help” Down syndrome students get from these special ed classes are seem as negative judgments by them because the segregation is notneeded

“Anybody who know Lee knows, and this includes all the kids, they know he’s gifted- in how he solves problems, cares about others, reads, reads, loves math. So I guess what I’m arguing is that if you did pick Lee out, you wouldn’t be seeing Lee. It’s not Lee you’re picking out. It’s your stereotype, your mind-set. Its you, and its has nothing to do with Lee.”

This teacher makes a great point about his Down syndrome student. Its like someone walking into a class looking for the kid that been interrupting and causing problems most likely the person would think is the black or Hispanic kid in the class because those just are stereotypes that are set up in America. The same way the stereotypes of Hispanic and black kids occurs, same way the assumptions of Down syndrome kids being unable to work on the same speed and do the same assignments as the rest. This article can connect to USA land of Limitations by Kristof. The same way Kristof talks about how low income family are limit to better things in the US, same way kids with Down syndrome are being limited in their education and a better life. 

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